Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Journal Begins

I'm starting this blog mainly to journal my thoughts.  Second only to God, my Cowboy is my best friend.  I talk to God constantly through the day and could possibly go on rambling to my Cowboy too but feel like I need to put my ramblings in writing.  I hope others feel the same as me- that sometimes we just need to vent and let go of some things.  When I read other's blogs, I guess it is all a form of venting or just letting folks know who we are.  And then folks comment and vent back.  I've decided to keep this mildly anonymous.  This is not all about me but God's world.  I'm just one of God's many creatures going about my journey trying to be His servant.  If you happen to run across my blog, you can take it for what it is - ramblings about the days in my life of being a cowboy preacher's wife.
I met and fell in love with my Cowboy years ago.  I did not marry a preacher man nor did he ask to be a preacher.  The journey has been where God has led us.  I wonder why He has me along on this ride.  My Cowboy has always been the one over the years to be asked to give the message on Sunday morning trail rides, small gatherings or even speak at funerals.  He doesn't necessarily like getting up in front of folks and speaking but, in our circle of friends, he's the one that's not afraid of making his faith known.  So he speaks.  We're always asking God to give us direction but then when He points us in the direction He wants us, we sit back and ask "why?".  The key is submitting to His plan.  But do we know when we're taking the right path?  No, but I do know that God is going to be with me until I do.  How God is going to use me, I have no idea.  To look at me, I'm not your typical preacher's wife.  I'm poop encrusted boots, dirt on my jeans and stained tshirts.  My hair is not what I called "coiffed" -it's clean, pulled back in a ponytail and I'm out the door.   I can't stand a nasty mouth but I'm human.  There might be an occasional slip of the tongue when I've got a dog killin' a chicken or a horse acting like an idiot.  I'm the one learning how to keep my mouth shut.  I'm way too outspoken and it gets me in trouble.  I'm working on it.  Is there a book out there on how to be a preacher's wife?  Well, if there is, I doubt seriously if anyone is going to find me in a bookstore looking for it.  I'm me.  I am everything the Lord has made me.  I know that I need to work on being a better steward for Christ though.  There is a book for that.  It's called The Bible.  Sad but true, even I struggle with reading my Bible every day.  Isn't that awful?  I can't find time in the day for studying God's Word, but He gave His life for me.  I am God's work in progress.  A cowboy preacher's wife.
Vio con Dios,
The Preacher's Wife

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  1. Hi and nice to meet you. I love my Jesus with all my heart and am fortunate to be yoked with a man who feels the same. We aren't perfect by any stretch (you mentioned the nasty mouth, well that's my biggest weakness) but we are what we are, without artifice or guile and WE LOVE THE LORD! Thanks for commenting on my blog!