Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long Night, Long Day

Last night I slept with the window cracked because it was so nice outside.  Cooler out than in.  But at 1 o'clock in the morning, all I could hear was dogs barking.  I get up and go outside to hear two big dogs barking out at the barn.  Great.  Okay, one of mine is here so who's out at the barn?  Back in I go to grab a flashlight and my gun.  My Cowboy moves ever so slowly and asks "do you want me to go?"  Well. Of course, I do but I say "no, I'm going".   So I hear "don't forget your gun".  I'm already there.  I throw on some jeans and out I go.  Well, here comes my other dog running up to me and I see off in the distance another dog running off.  I can't really make out the dog, but I don't recall anyone's dog vaguely looking like that.  The horses are all calm (I've got one put up in the round pen to work with tomorrow - or is that today), the cows are fine and the chickens are sleeping undisturbed.  And I don't smell a skunk.  Thank God for that! I have no idea what was going on but it's over.  So back I go to try and get some sleep.  Yeah, right. 
I don't really think I've got time in my schedule today for a nap.  And, if I did, I know I wouldn't sleep tonight.  So, it's going to be a long day.
Back to the horse in the round pen.  There are some that come to our cowboy church that want so much to be able to ride and have a horse of their own but just can't for various reasons.  So I've been looking for one or two good family horses that we can haul up there with ours.  I know there is someone out there that needs to find a home for their beloved horse and I'm praying for God to direct our paths to meet.  But, in my search, I've come across ads that claim their horses can do "tricks".  I even saw one that could get down in the front and "pray".  Now wouldn't that be cool?  I've seen a praying dog on youtube but not a horse. Well, except for Trigger and Gene Autry's Champion.  I do remember when I was kid, I always wished I could make my horses do tricks.  Ha!  The only trick they knew was how fast they could get me off their back!  So, yesterday, I had this big idea that I would try and teach one of my horses to do tricks.  So, she's in the round pen waiting to tolerate her owner's foolish antics.  My Cowboy came in last night and asked about the horse being in the round pen.  After I told him I was going to "work with her", he just gave me that look and said "don't you think you need to let her out?"  Yeah, probably so.  But we'll see what today brings.
Vio con Dios,
The Preacher's Wife

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  1. What a wonderful post.

    You truly are a ranch wife, grabbing that gun. Proud of you, some people would faint away when you talk guns...the ones who do not know the reality of ranch/farm/country life.