Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's a Good Thing my Mice Don't Have Worms

Yesterday was "worm the horses" day.  For the first time, I tried using these pellets instead of a paste wormer because I have one horse that will not let me mess with her mouth.  As much as I've tried and worked with her, it's just not happening and I can't afford my shoulder to be jerked out again.  With one horse that was not equal to the full weight proportion on the bag, I had some left.  Terrific!  I'll just wrap it up and save it.  Not happening!  Those pesky mice got into it and ate the rest of the bag.  I'm so thrilled I don't have wormy mice!  I am going to take the advice of Tonia from The Simple Life and try me one of those electronic mouse traps and, hopefully, get rid of some of those little suckers.
Speaking of getting into a critter's mouth, this morning when I went out to feed, my golden retriever was close by trying desperately to get my attention.  He was frantically trying to get something that was stuck in his mouth.  Or so I thought it was his mouth.  Nothing in his mouth.  I stuck my hand down his throat and there was something way down there.  I didn't want to cram it down into his lungs.  Have you ever tried the Heimlich maneuver on an animal?  I did.  And it didn't work.  This dog is having a fit and I can't get it out!  So I call my Cowboy on the phone.  (We have promised each other to always carry our phones with us on the farm).   After giving it a brief thought, I'm thinking "how in the heck is he going to get his big hands down this dog's throat if I can't?!"  About that time, I just put my hand all the way down there and pull out about a 3 inch stick.  Then my Cowboy comes up and the dog goes running up to him like he's Mr. Wonderful.  What?  I'm the one with dog slobber up to my forearm...and we're talking a LOT of slobber.
It's never ending around here.  I was surfing blogs the other day.  I love to read other's stories.  Anyway, Callie from Chickens On The Porch was talking about Carrots on the porch for her chickens.  How cute is that?  This is what my little darlin' brings on my porch...

That would be horse turds.  Lovely... I'm so blessed.
Vio con Dios,
The Preacher's Wife


  1. Lol at the "presents" on the porch. I hope you can fidn atrap that works for you. I dont remember the brand my friend has. But I know she looked into them extensively before deciding.. I dont ever mind some one sharing a link to my blog! I feel like the cool kid at school when some one does!Lol.. Okay I can also be a nerd...
    So glad you got the stick out of the dog's throat and at the same time YUCK!!
    I have goats who are very difficult to worm They see any type of syringe in my hand they head for the far end of the pasture..

  2. As much as I hate it, I have to use poison for the mice! Nothing is worse than having that awful smell but on our small farm, mice are a huge problem! I have two house cats and four barn cats and I get dead mice on my porch, instead I would love it if my dog would bring me my horses u know what! I will have to link to you! I love your blog, you sure made me smile this morning!