Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Time Change

How much better can it be getting together with family and friends, sitting around a fire pit on a cold night, roasting wienies and marshmallows.  The most fun is watching the kids.  I love it!  There is something about watching a fire that is relaxing and mesmerizing.  Then the time changed.  Who said we're supposed to get another hour of sleep?  Yeah, tell that to all my critters!   My body is still on the old time since the rooster still crows at the same time and my dogs are nudging me to wake up and feed them.  (Yes, a couple of my dogs sleep with me and my Cowboy).  One good thing about the time change, I'm not feeding at dark:thirty.   It's actually light outside.  I can see all those pesty little mice jumping in the feed room when I go in now.  If only I had a barn cat (or two).  My dogs will not allow it.  They love the chase.  I've tried it and it doesn't work.  I've even put feral cats out there that have been wormed, given shots and neutered.  That only resulted in all my neighbors now having barn cats and I still have a mouse problem.  I have a house cat that is declawed (he was given to us like that) and he sometimes goes outside but the dogs don't mess with him.  He's one of those big bengal cats - and I mean BIG.  But the barn is pretty far from the house and he doesn't go out there.  I might as well hang a sign on my barn "No Cats Allowed".  I welcome any solutions to my pesky little mouse problem. 
Vio con Dios,
The Preacher's Wife

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  1. Blog hopping and found your blog!! Suggestion on mouse problem is buy a bunch of the regular mouse traps and start setting them. Instead of emptying them when you catch one just throw the whole thing away!lol
    I have a friend who bought one of the electronic mouse traps and it works great. She can catch up to 10 at a time. When it catches one it flips it into a bin then resets itself for the next little sucker. She caught about 30+ in her feed room with in a few days.. If I coudl quit being cheap I would probably invest in one for my basement...